Another wonderfull ocean 2D filter (by TDM)

Hi! Another great ressource from shadertoy:

adapted for Blender:

ocean2DFilter.blend (459 KB)

ocean2DFilter2.blend (457 KB)

If we could isolate the ocean part of the code and apply it to a plane, it would be a great alternative to (excellent) martinsh water shader… HG1 or Yarbrough08 or Jackii or anyone else, if you have an idea on how to do that, it would be a great ressource for the bge! I’ll try later, but I’m not sure to succeed.


Awesome this looks great, the best part would be if an actual moving mesh were involved (for the larger waves). As a plane with moving normals can only go so far.

Thanks for answers. I have not thought it through a whole lot and now, I’m not sure this shader can be used on a plane (maybe it would be possible by converting some functions in a vertex shader…). I’ll take a look at your ressource Jackii and try to understand what is ray marching. For reflections, we can now easily pick up the horizon color with the new world api or if we have a skydome adapt martinsh code. I don’t know if refraction would be very usefull because of the opacity of the sea. For lighting, there’s already a function in the shader for diffuse and specular (to be adapted) which could take uniform light position as parameter/argument… But I don’t know if all this stuff can be done more or less easily (convert 2D filter viewport view to a shader applicable to a plane)

6 FPS 1080p, 30 FPS 360p :frowning: