another wreck arrives at nowhere fast

This image is actually from a series I have been developing on and off over the past few months with ultimately a free e-book in mind. So far for that series I have about 25 blends completed.

I might release the e-book in the near future as a downloadable PDF but still have some decisions to make and projects to finish. I might release it as the first in a series of volumes I then might do.

I held back from mentioning it in the “big projects” thread because my original intent, until this past week, was to finish 100 blends for it, but I think approaching it in parts might be a better way to go, especially as far as keeping download sizes manageable and overall project completion more realistic :slight_smile: We’ll see. In the meantime I thought it might be cool to give everyone a glimpse through this render.

The style I created for this part of the series sort of feels and looks like “3D paintstrokes,” only instead of paint I use geometry and light, periodically in a monochromatic fashion as in this piece.

There are specific reasons why this book came to be and why certain stylistic choices were made for it so far, stuff that will likely be told in the opening pages.

Anyway, thanks for viewing my work,
(and drive safely :wink: )


Very abstract piece, kind of leaves it up to you of what you see in it.

love the style

Beautiful work, RobertT.

Cool! I see a flaming star destroyer getting ready to crash into something with a planet or star in the background. (See pic outline) :smiley:


Very nice. I don’t know if you were going for a deliberate reference here or not, but the similarity with “Nude Descending a Staircase” (by Marcel Duchamp, my personal pick for Defining Artist of the 20th Century) is striking.

Then again, this is nothing like that piece, really…


flaming star destroyer
You’ve certainly managed to create something that allows for individual interpretations!

Cyborg Dragon: Thanks :slight_smile: It could actually be quite literal (a car wreck) in light of the title, but this could also function as an abstract piece as you point out.

vitaliy: Thank you.

block01cube: I appreciate that, block01cube.

Lord of the Rings Junkie: OMG… that was so funny :slight_smile:

bugman_2000: Thanks! Duchamp was actually an inspiration for one of my earlier pieces (ah, back in the day, in 2004), “nudedescendingadimension.” btw, I had sent you some e-mail a while ago about your book and hope you received it :wink:


Hi RobertT、

I don’t recall receiving a mail from you. Was it a PM or sent to [email protected]? I just checked both and I can’t seem to dig up such a mail… can you resend? Preferably to the mail address as my PM box seems to be just about full…

Nice to find a fellow Duchamp fan. The Large Glass (The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even) is one of my favorite all around pieces of art ever.

I love the contrast here between the light and dark. Very interesting and really draws you into the piece.


You know, to be honest. I dont really like this piece. Sure, its cool, I cant do it:) But I’ve seen other stuff from you, and most of them were really amazing. It’s as if you’re making lots of average ones, instead of few great ones.

Just stating my opinion. I really love most of your work:)

Bugman_2000: I sent it about a month ago to [email protected] but I will send it again :slight_smile:

BgDM: Thanks, BgDM. Contrast in these kinds of works plays such a big part, so thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

Yoeri: Haha, no problem :slight_smile: I appreciate your honesty and kind words. This series/e-book is more a conceptual thing than anything else, and the style and modeling techniques for it are deliberately divided from my other stuff, something that goes toward the overall theme of this series.