Anoying artefacts in my image

Hi guys,

I created a simple Mesh, but in Render Mode, there is an odd shadow, but I don’t know why.

This is only one Face:

I added some lights, but nothing happened, so I think it’s not a shadow, it’s a Material problem. So I changed the Material…same problem

oh, I have seen, the book below is complete black on the inner side…it should be green as well…

Heeelp…I can’t fix the problem :frowning:

And you have no image texture on this ?? …nothing fancy on the material ?? Subdivision modifier adaptive or not ? Or even any in Viewport disabled othe object…
All the usual suspects… ?? Then maybe a blend file with the bare minimum…

  • nothing fancy
  • no mod
  • as far as I no…no…

I guess it will be a problem by myself…but I can’t fix it :frowning:


As far as i can see you don’t have just…

… but overlapping geometry… ( → depth fighting )

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Oh boy…it could be so easy…many thanks :slight_smile:
Problem solved