Anoying green background images

Hi All

At the moment I’m trying to create a new Cuby animation, and I’ve filmed myself doing what he does to get the timing right.

However, when I place my movie in the background image/(movie) of blender, it is bright green, and can only just make out what is happening.

Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?


P.S This has only really happened to me in recent editions of blender.

It sounds like you’ve got a video codec that blender can’t read.

Try recompressing it to another codec with vertualdub (a windows open-source program) or similar. You’ll lose quality, but it’s only for refferance anyway.

recompress the avi file to a RAW avi file (huge, but can be read by anything) using VIRTUALDUB :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

I was using DV files, but I’ll try compressing them now…

Alright, I’ve found an app called ffmpegX which should hopefully work.

I can’t download it untill tommorro morning though duing off-peak hours.

Thanks again, it actually never occured to me that blender obviously can’t read DV files. duh.

I had this problem - and found a simple, non-lossy solution. Check it out here.