Ansiotropic sky dome :)

Just testing a lighting setup that was published in the 2.3 guide. And with most of my tests, they turn out to be full blown scenes. This one may/may not get that way, we’ll see.

It sure makes nice real shadows and stuff.

I’m rendering another as we speak.

thats pretty nice… cant wait for da book!

:o :o That’s a WIP??

VeryNice. The coloration on the pears is great. The only crit I have is the indentations in the top of the pears. I’ve seen that on apples, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on pears. Of course it could just be the variety of the pears.

Overall an excellent still life :smiley:

Thanks guys…here’s an update, the pitcher’s color is more…subtle :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, the pear has like 6-7 of the texture channels occupied…hehe

Time to go play jedi outcast for a little while… :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are really sweet, Dittohead! Care to explain the setup/method?
Also, what kind of real-world lighting situation would actually cast such a shadow I’m wondering…


Very nice :slight_smile:

cool to see someone is using it! Scene is very very good

Natron That would be a lighting for a hazy day. You have light coming from ythe whole sky but still you can see the sun beind the haze. Shadows are soft but present and grow softer as the shadow casting object gets farther from the shadow receiving object.

Indeed an anisotropic sky dome is as close as Blender can get (for now) to Yafray’s HDRI illumination.

The original tut is here by the way…