Answer a question with a question

Can you? :confused:

How can I not?

What makes you think it’s not possible?

Maybe by trying really really hard?

Wouldn’t that be wasted effort?

Does my butt look big in these jeans?

Are you on a diet?
Those are jeans?

do you think jeans will make you look slimmer?
edited after checking the answer question had to be related to the previous question…darn

Will going on a diet make you slimmer?

Do I need to be slimmer?

Than whom?

Isn’t that up to you?

well no one wants to be big, do they?

Is there something wrong with being big?

is there not something wrong with being big?

are you guys trying to confuse me with double negations?

Who is cofusing whom?

Am I or am I not unconfusing with the use, or lack of use, of no double negatives?

are you confusing yourself too, with the use of triple double negative?

(This reminds me of the TV show called “Whose Line is it?” that also had a game called “Question Only”. Very Very Funny)

Is that anything like triple rot13 encryption?