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I have never done this before but perhaps it’s a first! I am announcing the answer to your question before you ask it! Real Effects Studios has recently started a Blender Academy which has already started with installation and window definition tutorials and will soon be moving through beginner to advanced Blender techniques - this is where you get the answers - the questions are up to you!

Basically the academy hosts three or more lessons a week and gives emails to notify of their release and in the mean time there a Q&A section and also a competitions for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

The academy is for forum members but the rest can be visited by non forum members.

The link to the Real Effects Studios site is :

The link to the forum is :

I don’t post this to take members away from it is more to bring beginners (you’ll never be called a newb there!) from jump start to finished then send them out here or anywhere to help others and to elliminate the constant repetitive beginner questions that people often get sick and tired of.

If all of this interests you please visit the links and become a member. Advanced users are also greatly encouraged to come and help out as much as possible. Blender Developers will become instant admins and respectable users will become moderators after 500+ posts! So there is alot of incentive too!


Real Effects Studios Administrator