>> Answers to Common Problems <<

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  1. how do i render with a transparent background?

to render with an alpha channel, set file type to png, and click on ‘RGBA’ and ‘premul’ in render buttons.

  1. my particles are clumpy around the edges.

turn on unified renderer in render buttons.

  1. how do i get rid of the ugly black stripes on my model?

select all vertices and ‘ctrl N’ for ‘recalculate normals outside’

  1. can I use bump maps with UV mapping?

yes, you can load different maps into empty texture channels, just set the mapping from ‘orco’ to ‘UV’ in material buttons.

  1. how would I make a garden hose?

to use ‘bev ob’ add 2 curves. one open ended and snake-like to represent the length of hose, and one circular to represent the shape. now, select the snake-like one, go into edit buttons, and type the name of the circlular curve in the field that says ‘bev ob’ and your snake like curve will take on the profile of your circular curve. for convenience, you may want to rename your circular curve, to something simple, like ‘hose’. I think the default is something like ‘Curve_Circle’. And it’s always important to rmember that blender is case sensitive.

  1. where is my ‘actor’ button, I can’t find it.

You have to turn on the physics engine in world buttons first.

  1. how do i use an image sequence as a texture?

just make a numbered image sequence in it’s own folder, then, in texture buttons, choose ‘image’ ( not movie ) and load the first image. set the frames as you would for an .avi texture.

  1. how do i get a transparent texture to work?

If your image already has an alpha channel, click on ‘use alpha’ in texture buttons, then in material buttons, click on ‘alpha’ and in the ray buttons, click ‘ztransp’, and turn the alpha slider all the way down.

  1. how do i make my animation slower?

Click on the wavy arrow button, and set ‘map new’ to a higher value.

  1. how do i make my object turn from red to blue?

You can set keyframes in the material buttons, just put your cursor in the material window, and press ‘I’

Good idea, but I think you forgot an all too common one:

  1. How do I put an image in the background as a reference?

In the 3D window’s View menu, go to Background Image and load it from the pop-up window.


  1. “I’ve turned the alpha value down, but all that gets rendered is the background. What have I done wrong?”

Turn on either ‘ZTransp’ or ‘Ray Transp’ in the ‘Mirror Transp’ menu in the material.


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Or you can also set the image type to TGA.