Ant Farm

I just looked around the internet for a virtual art farm but I didn’t find anything.
So I thought it would be awesome to make one myself.
Unfortunately I don’t really know how I could realize the whole idea (like how the ants would build tunnels)
So I wanted to ask if you can give me ideas or tipps.
Thanks for your help.

well first thought that comes to mind is using an object as brush. So make ant a brush, or pair an invisible sphere to an ant and make it a brush.

This way you could deform mesh, or alter texture to make a tunnel.

I think the texture would be better, have a ground texture, and paint an alpha mask over it to make it look like a tunnel. ( assuming you want side view). You can have a slightly offset and shaded texture behind it to make it look more 3D.

Look at game like worms Armageddon. Just by removing part of the ground and adding small edges around it they can make a pretty realistic tunnel or a hole.

as for motion. I would suggest blender game engine. Make a simple script where there is a random variable. And for certain values it either goes up or down or left or right. And add a counter so that it follows that path for a while before drawing a new random variable.

Look at game “Dwarfs?!” as a good example of diffing simulation. The dwarf will dig in given direction for a while before wondering off the path in random direction and following that for a while.

Thank you very much I’ll try it this way