ANT Multires and baking normals and AO

just wondering if it’s possible to create a landscape using the ANT Landscape addon, sculpt with Multires theN bake out the Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps from the High Resolution to use on the Lower Resolution (If so how). I have searched and there doesn’t seem to be anybody covering this subject anywhere. I originally saw something like this in a tutorial from this series of videos by Robert Roche

Should work for you, Export the low ANT landscape low.obj - sculpt away and export the high-res high.obj
open xNormal and away you go. Its a Nice program.

If you have a easy way of shading the terrain with slope/height procedurals please, i would like to learn how.

I will try out this programme and see how I get on with it. Really hoping there was a way this could be done in Blender since Robert Roche did a similar thing in Day 2 of his tutorial of “Create a Rocky Video Game Terrain-Day 2” and He was using Blender 2.4x.
Thanks binoui

Bake normal / AO maps etc from the Render / Bake panel

Thanks Richard Marklew . I have been trying to find out where I’m going wrong. Had some success by managing to bake a lower level Normal map, so things are looking up :slight_smile: