Ant VFX Shot!

Here is a VFX shot I have been working on that uses my Procedural Ant Animation Rig!

Hope you like it!

Nice, i like it

Wow. Life like. I may need to get bug spray.

well done!

pretty impressive, especially considering you were able to make the ants walk procedurally :smiley:

they walk much too slow, and too regularly and smoothly. (sorry about the issues with the beginning)

To me, their “slow motion” is okay, because the shot is really “for fun.” The ants are mainly walking in time with the music, and the gag comes in the fact that they are carrying letters.

Good job on the anim. The bodies are a bit stiff, other than that I thought everything else was fine.

  • Floyd

Thanks for the Comments guys, Glad you like it!

I know its a bit slow, I wanted you to be able to see the legs walk, if it was much faster then they would have been to hard to see. But I agree for more realisam I should icrease ther size!

And as for sorry about the glitch at the beginign of the video, I think that it looked awsome! I would keep it, almost like arcade ants!

Also Added a SpiderRigto the Download options :slight_smile:


SimpleRobotArm.blend (132 KB)

Very cool. The ants were great but I must admit it was really cool seeing the render/composite layers. Thanks for sharing =D

Nice !
For more realism I would add some obstacles/direction change in the ants paths.

Your rig is quite astounding and the work you’ve put into it deserves a lot. But I am a little disappointed in the composite, the CG lighting is definitely different than your background plate, the specularity is far to great (even for an ant) and I’ll have to agree with spacetug in saying that the movement is a little slow.

Very nice shot, I like it a lot

That is awesome. The ants closets to the screen you could tell (not easily) were fake, but the ones carrying the lettering, really looked real. Took your eyes off the ant and focused on the concept, and made it look real. Great Job, the is outstanding.