Working on a new game: Antivirus.
basic story:
User is woking on his computer, computer gets infected with a bizzare and nasty virus.
you play as the anitvirus software. DELETE THE VIRUS

lemon anitvirus//first level and tutorial//3 missions
my programs//pt 1// second level//4 missions//gimp, blender, defraggler, Insert your game/program here?
my programs//pt 2// need ideas for areas
my programs//pt 3// need ideas for areas
my documents//story level//
internet explorer//final level// 3 missions// 1 boss

all in blender, using a modification of my project wumpa engine (which needed a lot of work.)

any (non-story) ideas are welcome.

art style- incredibly low poly.
level style-each area of each level is corrupted by a different part of the virus (or the virus has allowed others to come in), so immediately each platform is falling apart, and only after taking out the main enemy for each area of the level will the level re-assemble, leading to possibly a new area.

gameplay style- open world platformer. each level is kinda like ratchet and clank; you can choose (for the most part) which mission you want to tackle.

controls: WASD space and mouse for moving and jumping. attacking is with the left mouse button. zoom scroll with mouse wheel.

will upload images soon.