Anthony Zierhut Animatics using Blender

We enjoyed the news of Anthony Zierhut Blender Animatics work for the Spiderman Film. Read his response on

Yeah, too bad he had to drop it and move to Lightwave/Maya… (although through no fault or limitation of Blender itself) The guy would have done wonders with 2.33a or with a current Builld :frowning:

…but then again ,it is a Blender successtory: :stuck_out_tongue:
Boy meets Blender
Blender teaches boy everything he needs to know about 3D
Boy proves Blender is more than a toy
Boy moves on to tools currently used in the marketplace

Man,seeing a 5-minute trailer of the Spiderman2 animatrics ( or any other he did for ‘real’ movies) would be sooooo cool!! Just imagine that during the ‘birds of a feather’ meeting at Siggraph 2004… 8)

Believe it or not, but when I got the DVD of Shreck way back and saw the small animatrics of Shreck and Donkey in the castle, I remember thinking, “hey, Blender could do that…” Well, here’s the proof.