Anthony's - Sketchbook

Messing around with lights and glass in BI.
1 Hemi, 2 Points and an HDRI for added effect

Playing with pathtracing and caustics in YafaRay

I didn’t even know you had a sketchbook until just now; there are so many sub-forums here on BA, it can be hard to keep up with more than a few of them sometimes.

Really nice work, I like the idea of using Blender to help pre-vis your own real world projects, such as the house. It’s a coincidence, tonight I just finished creating some mock-ups of photos in frames on a wall for someone who wants to sell framed images (they don’t have the frames built yet, so they just wanted some images to be able to show people what they could look like in frames).

The central object in your last image looks especially nice. I will admit, I’ve almost forgotten about poor YafaRay, what with all the other render engines available, and the overwhelming popularity of Cycles now. But there are still instances where I see YafaRay with clearly superior abilities. It’s good to see it’s still being used!

BI! Yay! :smiley:

material musings

Love 'em! :evilgrin:

My results of Chris Huhn’s CGC tutorial on hatch modeling and rigging.

The animation came out really nice Anthony, I like the dirty glass effect you have going. How did you do the volumetrics?

Thanks Harley, I think I want to go back and spend some time on the materials rather than just rehashing ones I already had made like I did. I was quite happy with the glass, glad you like it. As for the volume, BI of course. :wink:

Nice job Anthony! :smiley:

Hello Anthony C. I’m sure I’m new in this Forum but 3D works always impressed me so much. Your remodeling your grandmother house is a nice work. I love it so much. it’s front view really makes a beautiful looking to me.

Thank you for your kind words. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums.

Thanks Vicky.

So here is this years render for my eldest.
Balloons are probably a bit childish for a 22 year old but it is what I had time to work on.

There is some pretty fantastic art here, nice work!

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

After working through the first two ShaderForge installments on CGC I decided I wanted a master materials blend file. I looked around for the best way to do this and found Alfonso Serra’s Matlib VX 5.5, it was just what I was looking for. So I have gone back and begun building up my shader data base starting with paint shaders. I am hoping to start on metals this afternoon.

Shaders look awesome:yes: But, you could have at least made your own shader ball. A duck perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those shaders look awesome Anthony!

Can I borrow your duck then? lol
I thought about making my own or using a Suzanne but I liked this one well enough so I went with it.
Did not want to distract myself making something when I was only interested in shaders for now.

Thanks Harley.

and some metal shaders

Needs more duck :yes: