anthro fox (nudity warnings)

This weekends project for me is doing an anthro fox girl, Right now I am about to research on animal feet. I Don’t like the hand topology and I still need to go back and detail this greatly. I hope to finish her off with animal feet, a nice tail and i’m going to pretend that I don’t need to think about teeth yet.


very egyptian

She does look a little Anubis come to think about it. But i’m toying around with detailing for today and making a tail for her then i’m going to try for fur tomorrow if i keep to my timeline. I’m trying to make anthro legs for her and I have mixed feelings about what I do have now. But for now i’ll live with what I got and move on.
But I did put a velvet shader on her last night and let that render while i slept.

Doing the fur and getting it to come out the way I want seems to be an uphill battle right now. Time to devote a week or two to playing and learning the particle/hair system in blender

Check out the tutor4u tutorial on the plush teddy bear:

While it’s not exactly fur, it may give you some ideas on how to get the fur particles to behave the way you want.