Anthro Wolf

Hello All -
Here’s a character I’ve been working on for a web-comic I’m hoping to start - hopefully soon.

I’m certainly not aiming to fool anyone into thinking they’re looking at a photograph. It’s just a web-comic, after all and the the story is the important thing.
And, yes, I know the legs are short. That’s intentional.

Okay, I’m putting on my rhinoceros hide, so fire away.



Pretty decent modeling! Only the chest looks a little strange, head’s nice. The textures look pretty good too but I personally would reduce the specularity on the shirt. It’s kind of bright.

Actually, the specul was at 0, although the refl was at 1. I turned refl down to .95 and removed a couple of lights. It does show the contours of the body a little better.

Thanks for the crit.



I like the tail. Looks nice. chest does look odd though.
Also what is she sad about?

Could’a sworn that was Coyote :wink: ! Looking good, Grim. :yes: Only crit with the modeling is the lower jaw, actually the whole muzzle area. Wolf’s jaw bone is a long V shape with a small flat part in front between the canines. The ends of the V attach underneath the ears, more or less. Anyway, it looks as if the lower jaw goes in toward the face, then makes a right-angle turn to go around to the ears. You might have trouble with that when you pose him with his mouth open and his tongue lolling out.

Nice hair, too.

Why is she so sad? Guess that means I need to do a little more work!
It’s a he! - although at fourteen, it can be difficult to tell sometimes, especially with the long hair. And that might explain some of the ‘chest’ comments. ;p
Does he look sad? Seems rather a neutral expression…
But then again, considering my handle…


yeah, he aoppears to have breasts, that was the source of the “odd chest coments” and the lood is either slightly depressed or very bored. Looks good though.