Anthropomorphic horse character

This is my anthropomorphic horse character, Brallion. My objective is to have an animatable character with hair and clothes. I chose an ambitious project as a way of teaching myself many of Blender’s concepts. I’m still pretty new to much of what Blender has to offer. The model is mostly done.

I’d love to hear impressions you get of this character. I’m asking for critique, too. (I LOVE critique, positive or negative; don’t be afraid to tell me what you like or don’t like). Sugestions are entirely welcome.

The next step I’m going to take will be the UV wrapping. Followed by hair, rigging and clothing.



cool. I think that muscle on his neck looks a bit strained though, it seems like the neck should be rounder.

Thanks for the input! I’ve tweaked the neck slightly and I think I’ve found a good trade-off. I’ve also tweaked the face some.


Here’s a rough look at what I intend for the mane and tail.


And here he is with texture! I opted to use textures and not UV wrap my character.


hey thats coming along good! i like the hair test, good shape there. Eye is modelled nicely and texture seems to be good. I noticed the renders are a bit dark though, and the texture/vertex paint is causing the forearms/hands to be very hard to see.

Look forward to where you take this! very unique character

Thanks for your input! I’ve worked at fixing the issues you mentioned. Let me know if this is better.


Here are the shoes.


And some teeth for the horsie!


looking good. for the shading, at least where his fur is, you might want to try using the minnaert shader with the dark value lowered slightly, which will give it a sort of sheen, not unlike a horse.

Looks great so far. My only crit would have to be that his (or is it a her) neck looks a bit square.

Both great suggestions! Thanks for the input. I’ve made some tweaks, accordingly. Tell me what you think!

By the way, it is a him. (somewhat ambiguous, I know… but I’d prefer to keep him decent. ;))


I played with some UV wrapping for the eyes. I also set the toon specular shader for each eye. Tell me what you think!


And Brallion’s brand… I don’t expect it will be seen much, since I intend to give him clothes… but It’s my mark that he is my character. This brand pattern is my artist signature.


So he is ready to rig, right? I would position his arms at a slightly more relaxed angle before rigging him, arms down a bit, slight bend to the elbow, and maybe point the thumbs inward toward each other slightly. That should help him to deform properly when you put his arms down. The way you have it is not bad, but consider that his arms will spend more time in the range between down at his sides, and slightly raised, or out in front, than they will in the range between where they are now, and up over his head. so you want to optimize the position according to how it will most likely be used.

Yep. I’ll be working on the rigging, today. Thanks for the input :cool: I’ll try that out; it makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

Hi, that looks amazing.

Did you use the hair particles for his body?


Nope, just texture and Modron’s suggestion of using the minnaert shader. :smiley: I will use the particle system for the mane and tail, though.

I wish I was even close to that good already. How long have you been working in Blender? I’ve only been working on i for a week or so. Keep up the good work.

About a week or so wink But I’ve been pretty much non-stop blending for hours at a time each day… actually, it’s been closer to two or three weeks. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m very excited about the results. And I’m loving Blender! :smiley: