Anti Aliasing and/or Bloom?

Alright so I’ve searched and read some stuff about this, but what I’ve learned isn’t solid and I don’t quite understand it. Can BGE do AA or bloom? By this I mean the kind of Anti Aliasing you enable in a modern game like Half-Life 2. In other words can I compile a game with the Blender Game Engine that has Anti Aliasing when I play it. Not some hardware I enable for my video card through some control panel (unless ofcourse this is how games like HL2 do it, by controlling the hardware with enabling it in the game, in which case I’d like to know if thats possible also.)

I’ll say it one more time, because I know people are going to give complex answers about AA… Is it possible to make a game with BGE that has an option menu to enable AA like in games made with source… without making giant amends to blender or BGE code.

Thanks so much.

It is possible to add bloom and antialiasing through custom 2D Filter Actuator. So if you activate the actuator, you will activate the effect. It needs only OpenGL card and OpenGL programming skills :).

I personally am searching for the AA script for BGE too :). It is a big slowdown for the game, but still …

thankyou very much reiko. Why would it be any more of a slowdown than it is for games like HL2? When I enable AA in a source game obviously the frame rate drops a little but its nothing a modern video card can’t handle? Is it different with BGE?

It depends on computer and resolution of the output. I think that with 2d filter actuator you can use only full screen antialiasing which causes bigger slowdown than object AA. But if you use it on good computer, you will probably not notice any slowdown. I have never seen any AA script for BGE, so I cant say, what effects it will have.

I know effects of AA from game emulators, so even emulated PSX or GBA game on my PC runs half FPS with some kind of AA, Bilinear filtering, etc.

Info about antialiasing:
Some OpenGL tutorial: [](

If you develop a functional AA script for BGE, let me know :D.

I’ve seen AA 2D filters for the BGE, and they work a little bit, but they cut my frame rate in half. Martinsh made a blood 2D filter, It’s in the gameblender resources forum. 2D filters are not optimized and generally have a bad effect on frame rate. OrchidFace, if you want Steam quality AA and Bloom, you will want to code it into blender yourself, because the current workarounds aren’t really acceptable.

^^ When it comes to video game development everything that has to do with frame rate should be hard coded. Python is just not fast enough to handle AA.

But what about anti-alasing enabled from Ati’s or Nvidia’s control panel?