Anti-Aliasing problem

Does anyone know how to solve an anti-aliasing problem? I have this problem on all the non horizontal or vertical edges. Render is at 6000 samples, lighting is one sun lamp at 198.00o strength. Indirect Clamp at .27 (if relevant). Any ideas? See close up of one area of the problem and also full scene. Cheers.[ATTACH=CONFIG]451920[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]451921[/ATTACH]


What is your full resolution? I couldn’t open the file to see full res, but from what I could see it looks like the larger image is displaying in 1024X1200 @ 74%. If this is actually rendered at a higher resolution there could be a lot of alias effects going on from that.

I’m certainly no expert on interiors, so others feel free to correct me. But sun lamp at that strength sounds insane, which may be why you have to clamp indirect at equally insane. You should never have to clamp below 1, and I tend to adjust other things if I feel need to go below 5 to 10 range.

What are the brightness levels of those tables? Do the aliasing become better at more sensible lighting values? If so, you could suffer aliasing from overbright pixels similar to very bright emissive surfaces. A slightly dark and glossy floor won’t by itself let light bounce as good as in real life, maybe there are some “if surface is seen by diffuse only then color it white’ish diffuse” trick instead? I don’t do interiors much, and I tend to be happy with AO alone, so I don’t know how to set it up.

@CarlG, thank you, THANK YOU! I did not know there was a solution. On the clamping 5 Indirect & 20 Direct works well for me in Archviz.

Thanks folks. I first solved it by upping the resolution to 200% but not much of fix because of the lengthy render times. Thanks Carl for the tips on clamp indirect and sun lamp. I’m new to this and have no idea where I’m using insane values. New render at clamp indirect 5 and sun at 12.000 and I have no issues with aliasing even at only 1000 samples. Don’t know why I upped the sun lamp so much for no effect - you live and learn. Cheers.