i am new in game the engine, and i shearch how active a anti-allias.

it does not exist in a game engine?

thank u for ur answers

  1. i don’t know
  2. how does anti-alliasing work anyway? i know it makes the resolution look better, but how?

As I understand it, anti-aliasing is being implemented in the current development version of Blender.

Cool. That will make it much better.

awesome, games look 2-3 times better with anti-aliasing even with the fps drop on some computers :slight_smile:

In the mean time, you can enable AA (and AF) in your NVIDIA or ATI drivers.

To learn what ant-alias is see:

I hope it helps

hello world!

thank for your answer!

ok the antiallias not exist for the moment, i will just learn how make python in logique brick…

(“in the mean time, you can enable AA (and AF) in your NVIDIA or ATI drivers” => starclopsofish how you do that? )

hmmm i have another questions:

python of bleder2.49 it is totaly compatible with python of blender 2.50?

thanks a lot

For different questions please open a new thread. Anyway: No, you will not be able to use the deprecated functions from 2.49 and lower. I’m not sure but I thnink Blender 2.50 uses Python 3.0 while Blender 2.49 uses Python 2.6.

will it appear AA in blender 2.5 or what you want to say?

ok! thanks monster

i experiment the bge in 2.49b for learn how well use it
i think it will be easier for me.

A new anti aliasing node is coming:

Looks like they are looking for user feedback. Did anyone try this build?