It has been a bit since I have updated the game, but this is the summer 2016 build-

The game was still stylized to PS1 era graphics, and in the second clip is the old map, which was the 16-Bit map.

Eventually I will move this game onto my own home-brew C++ engine, but until then, enjoy the rare updates.

Oh and the game’s current style is to take advantage of the given hardware per-user, and look as realistic as possible, per-system, which is not in this video.

I don’t see this game being ready for release somewhere in the 2020s, I would assume 2024 or 2025, depending on how much time I invest in the game in a given year.

I plan on releasing the game to a VERY wide range of systems, and it will not be easy because I’m expecting console manufacturers to not want me to release the game to their ancient platforms.

The oldest consoles I plan on releasing the game to, is the Super Nintendo and Playstation 1. The Super Nintendo being a very iffy port, as I have no idea how porting ANYTHING to the SuperFX chip will end, heck, games may have to be hand built from the ground for the SNES, I doubt it but if so then rip that port.

As for the oldest PCs, just a system with DOS and a 16-Bit CPU with a 256 Color compatible GPU, as on the most limited systems GPU wise, the game will be primarily CPU rendered.

Description of the game is in the video’s description.

Also, when this game is lifted off of BGE and to my own C++ built engine, I will move the progress topic to Off-Topic.