Anti-Modifier? - Or partially exemting the influence of a modifier onto the mesh.


I´m developing a windshield for your bike handlebars. A half spherical shield with a simple screwable mount which will be fixated on the inside of the grips.

The shield came along well and the screwing mechanism as well but now that I want to put them together I´m stumbling into problems.

I cant really join the two meshes because the Solidify of the shield would completely deform the mount. (I already exemted the influence of the subsurface with shft+e)

  1. If I join the meshes I would need a “cage” to exempt the mount from the influence of the solidify Is there a kind of anti-modifier?
  2. I can only apply the solidify modifiers uniformly onto the mesh. Is there a way to somehow increase the influence of a modifier based on the spatial dimensions?
    (E.g. On the right side I want the wallthickness to 100% of what I defined in the solidify but on the left side I only want 50%. To make dynamic forms possible. I can imagine the same kind of distributed influence for a most other modifiers.)



you might try to add a lattice to modify the thickness!


Stupid question: why not just use Vertex Groups?