Anti-Piracy Law Threatens OSS in Europe

Any thoughts?

that sounds like one of the most terrifying things that i have ever heard. This sounds to me like giving corporations the ability to regulate the internet via lobbying. This is honestly not the correct way to fight piracy, i dont know what is but this isnt it. Man i sure am glad i dont live in Europe right now

I really don’t know how I would be able to live after hearing something like that. .

…a pack of alarmist claptrap.
It might be a significant issue from a privacy point of view, but is unlikely to effect open source software.

It will have an effect on open source software in Europe. I think this is an issue that people living in that region of the world would like to be aware of. I’m not trying to present this in an “alarmist” manner, it’s not a “warning without merit”.

Your information is allready outdated there are allready new things in the making. Check out if you know German. I’m still looking for the concrete law text of the EU. But this is along the lines what politicians and the music/movei industry are try to do here in the EU and I hope they will fail. Today it’s music piratery tomorrow it is art and in a few years anything that is not confirm with the political opinion.
I personally think democracy is at steak here. We don’t need no homeland security here in the EU we allready have way too many regulations anyway.