Anti-recession house :)

alright so i started making this house, well actually i made a stair case hich turned into a house somehow :confused: and yea i made a couch which isn’t in the right place yet, a T.V in the wrong place also a counter which needs much work, stairs are done unless someone has a really cool idea for em’ , i guess i’m going more bungaloooooo style for this house, anywho, enjoy the 40 million pics :slight_smile:


just for the rest of the pictures…


yep, looks cool to me if you ignore the placement :slight_smile:

Now…for a souped-up Toyota Supra with turrets and lasers sitting in the garage…
I wonder where we’ll get one of those?

lmao, yea i was actually thinking about putting it in this project…:slight_smile: (i’ll update soon)

i cant wait to get working on that again…right now im rendering a crappy scene and it’s already taken about 50 minutes (internal renderer :spin:)

Anyways, just fix up the placement and all will be well.

heres le update. just made a sink, shelves (which look flat?) umm stupid microwave, removed material on fridge,made a tap,forgot to move all the furniture ( :o ) and yea enjoy!


mmk well blender crashed, so now i lost a small part of my work but its alright, im almost done recreating it, no comments? :frowning:

it looks cool, it makes me want to make a house…

Hope you can get your changes back :slight_smile:

A house ? Well you did say anti recession. Some one will pay money for this. Good job by the way!