Anti-slide car rig (experimental) (feat. Bobcat :) )

It says easy to use, which it is but so far only for me, you make one bad move, save, and the rig’s broken… still I think it’s pretty good:
-you don’t need to worry about sliding at all, all you have to do is animate the chassis movement


Very impressive, nice work! I remember trying to animate a car once, quite difficult, you did it very well.

As I said, I always found it difficult to animate the path of the car properly so it doesn’t look like it’s sliding or something… I also tried to automate the process as much as I could, so the steering is automatic (thank god for slow parent :), who would have thought you can make a motion vector with it…), as well as the wheels rotation, which is awesome…
I never fancied the idea of following a curve but that went away with this system, I basically treat front wheels as a separate object, and the rest of the car follows the front wheels. They’re connected with a generic physics constraint (I bet some sort of hinge would do the job)

You still have to animate the chassis but you have to always do that a bit right??

I would imagine there’s a way to rig a chassis like that somehow, but that’s far beyond my rigging abilities.

Awesome demo of your rig, swift502. The animation looks great, and the rig not overly complicated. I may have to create my own car rigs for a video later this year, so I’ll keep this cool work in mind!