Anti-Tank Guided Missile 3-D Visualization/Animation

Created using Blender 2.65 and Gimp 2.8

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Interesting ! So much firepower !

great models textures and diagramming. I am wondering though, is the missile supposed to rotate like that? there are a couple things you can do to make it better. first, just delete the animation keys you have now, then go to frame 1, set a key for rotation, go ahead a few frames, use numeric input to make it rotate a few degrees, and set another key. now you want to select your animation curve in the IPO window, and set ‘extend mode’ to ‘extrapolation’, and change the interpolation mode from ‘bezier’ ( which is the default ) to ‘linear’. now it should rotate smoothly, and it won’t stop, it will just keep rotating.

Actually the problem persists even on “linear”, even if you give and take(adjust) a few frames. I haven’t figured out the problem yet:((