Anti-tile for Cycles

If I get some time over the next week or so I’ll have a look at implementing it! There is also a small bug that causes errors in the console if you delete an object, so this will be a good excuse to combine both for a more significant update :slight_smile:

The reason Anti-tile doesn’t work within groups is because it only checks the material node tree, not the node trees of groups (as this could be recursive). This means even though you are viewing a node group, Anti-tile only sees 1 node group selected on the top layer.
This should be relatively easy to implement (theoretically), but for now you will need to ungroup(alt+g), apply Anti-tile and then regroup (ctrl+g).

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Thanks for the explanation and workaround. No pressure, but it would definitely make it that much easier to use!

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Have just pushed out an update for Anti-tile on BM and Gumroad!

This update includes:

  • node group support (infinite levels)
  • console bug fix
  • better unused node cleanup

2.79: Anti-tile v1.5
2.80: Anti-tile Eevee v1.3

You can download the update for free from the product page!

If you have any other questions, comments or requests let me know :smile:

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How does this addon differ from this free node group?

Cool node setup, I haven’t seen this one before!

There are quite a few significant differences, here are some examples:

Chaos mosaic works great for undetailed textures where you can’t notice if the orientation has changed.
The concrete texture example shows that it works quite well everywhere except the seams. The solution presented by the creator was basically just mixing 2 layers on top of each other, at which point you can forget any considerable texture detail.
Any textures with lines have no chance with this node-group.

Other advantages of Anti-tile:

  • 1 click deployment / removal (instantly built with code)
  • Debug mode (so you can visualize texture distribution)
  • Multi-image deployment / removal
  • Node Group deployment / removal
  • Continued updates and product support

Seeing them side by side like that there is a great improvement with yours. Thanks for the comprison. I might have to think about buying yours now.

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Thank you! what a fast turn around!

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Amazing Addon, just bought it and now my plaster wall looks like a real un-tiled plaster wall.
Thank you for this addon.

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Fantastic, I’m glad you found the addon useful :smile:

I think the big benefit of your Addon is the neat node group. Makes it quick and easy to use, without messing up the shader editor.

My anti-tile nodes look super messy, even though they are as quick to operate, since I also instance the image textures:

The results are comparable I think - but to be honest, I hardly use mine myself, cause it just looks too overwhelming. :rofl:

Anti-tile has a few more benefits than just clean node group deployment :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 1 click deployment / removal immediately available.
  • optimized calculations (minimal color operations)
  • debug mode
  • stable parameters (no fragile color ramps)
  • per object randomization
  • automatic linking to global value properties
  • 2.81 support
  • use any image node you like
  • removal clean up
  • lifetime product support and updates

…that’s why yours is worth some money, and mine not. :smile:

Absolutely. I just published the image over the finished works section.

The wall, ceiling and carpet where possible thanks to your addon.

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I’m working on a new project and I have a feature request if possible.

When debugging the Anti-tile, I noticed that there are 3 “layers” which produce the randomization, but I would love to have more control over each of those layers, like size and noise.

Would it be possible?


Yes this most certainly is possible, I have just published v1.5 of the addon with noise control and scale variation.

See the post below :slight_smile:


Introducing v1.5 of Anti-Tile now with scale variation!

After receiving a few requests to add more control to the node group, I have refactored the entire addon to include more flexibility and options. This update introduces layer scale variation allowing you to bring out extra details in textures that would otherwise be relatively bland.

Changes in v1.5:

  • A big update to the addon code structure and control.
  • Removed random field
  • Added Image scales field to control individual layers
  • Added Dual Noise scale control
  • New User Manual

If you have already purchased this addon you can download the update for free from the product page.



Thanks for the update :slight_smile:
I just noticed that the addon doesn’t work anymore on many selected nodes, I have to go one by one.
Another issue is that the Anti-tile is added to a different node that is not selected and the mapping node is ignored, unlike before.

Here you can see both issues:


I took the liberty to add an extra input in the node, hope you don’t mind. If you consider it good you are free to add it. :slight_smile:

For more “geometrical” textures, the user would need to have a little control over the texture placement so it can match the tiles.

And here the node setup:

As you can see in this project I’m working on, with that hew input value I can somehow match the brick tiles by keeping randomness wince the value is higher than 1.
Of course for closeups maybe it doesn’t work but for far perspectives it does the job.

I added a control offset for each texture layer to have even more control over the it:


Hi Juan,

Thanks for the quick response regarding the issues with the addon.
I have just published an update (v1.51) which addresses all the issues mentioned and re-introduces uniform parameters.
If there are any other problems let me know :slight_smile:

In regards to the customizations you have mentioned above, I think it is great that you have adapted the node group to fit to your needs!
Generally speaking however, these changes would add too much complexity, that would only be used a small percentage of the time.
We could have custom control for x image offset, y image offset, rotation, custom noise values etc. but the node group would be enormous and completely overwhelm the user when used in a PBR workflow with 3+ instances of that same massive group.

The whole idea of Anti-tile is to simplify the process of “anti-tiling” textures so only the essential fields should be added, that’s why I was very hesitant even to add noise and scale control.

If you would like to customise the current node group that is added with the addon, unzip the addon folder, navigate to data.blend, modify the node group, save, zip it up again and lastly install it!
Now the modified node group will be added everytime :slight_smile:



Wow thank you for the fast hotfix, now everything is working as it should be. And having back the Uniform Parameters is excellent, don’t take it away :smiley:

I totally understand that adding more parameters will make the addon more complex and like you said, will confuse the users. The good thing is that adding those extra values is not a problem if I have to for certain projects, so customization it is possible.

Thank you for your explanation on how I could make the Anti-tile node by default if needed. :+1: