Anti-Venom: Victory in the Jungle (ZBrush Sculpt, Blender Render)

Hey guys,

first time posting here! Not sure if i can post this as it was sculpted in ZBrush but rendered in Blender; here goes nonetheless…

My Anti-Venom Sculpt and Tutorial are finally complete!

Anti Venom Stands roaring atop a destroyed building after an excruciating brawl with venom. He stands victorious with the head of Venom held tight in in his hand… Venom, although decapitated, still seems to wear a maleficent smile upon his face while the tendrils of anti-venom seem to be absorbing what remains of Venom… Is this part of Venom’s plan? Or is his host finally defeated?

Checkout the link to my socials and Artstation and get the tutorial on Artstation:

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