Anti Virus XP 2008!

I was browsing in FireFox and it suddenly went poof and a dialog that siad “protect your computer from malware and spyware, can harm your computer download antivirus XP 2008 for full protection!” “yes” “no”(bottions) So I hit no because I know what it is, but what wondering if it’s on my comp right now. if it is how do I remove it? My antivirus and anti spyware/adware is SpyBot S&D and AVG8 free.

I had that once. I think even if you clicked “no” it could be on your computer anyway.

Sounds more like one of those ads disguised as real windows to me than malware.

God I got hit by that one… I got the trial version. I never bought it because I looked it up and found out what it was. I think it is still lurking around my hard drive. Thankfully it was my old sucky computer. I suppose the program is not really harmful. All it does is annoy you until you buy it.

how do I get it off?

thank you, follow those guides It looks like hitting “no” didn’t install it! (Man that was scary)


try to hit the X not the “no”. most of the time that will kill the window. see, there could be any sort of code behind the no button.

this must be the most prevalent virus on the internet. there are even websites that help you get rid of this damn thing. search up on how to remove xp antivirus.

If it’s a popup that’s simply disguised as an XP window, they can code the X do whatever they want as well.

Maybe use ctrl-alt-delete.

Well, all of these things really come down to just two precautions:

(1) Never run as an Administrator, or even a Power User. (If you’re addicted to a game that requires all-inclusive access to the machine … take up poetry, instead.)

(2) Even though Apple trumpets its “Time Machine” backup software, Microsoft has had a very fine backup-system for many years. And they’ve been including it, afaik, in every version for free. This program can run in the background, making incremental backups to your favorite external hard-drive of both your changed-files and the Registry, say, once an hour or so.

If you do these two things, you can pretty much shrug your shoulders and say, “so what?”