antialiasing in blender games

I’ve lately looking for some antialiasing options for blender games.
I found the -m flag in the blenderplayer, but it doesn’t seem to work. Actually, the detail in the picture looks quite bad because of that. I’ve configured my ATI Radeon graphic card to force the antialiasing mode, but that doesn’t seem to work neither.

Do you have any ideas about that?
Thank you guys

It work fine on windows and nvidia here. if you have glsl support and using windows and antialiasing doesnt seem to work on runtimes, please report a bug on the bug tracker.

The same system on linux didnt worked on linux for me. i’ve mentioned this on on this forum earlier but no hope yet.

Actually, in 2.59 anti-aliasing (2x, or 4x) is default, once you press p. You can tell because just looking in the viewport, the edges are jagged, but once you start the game they go away (for the most part).