Antialiasing in Blender's 3D view.

In the nvidia control panel I recently set the application override anti aliasing level to 16x, and on opening Blender the 3D view was looking pretty gosh-darn amazing. It hadn’t occurred to me before that these settings would apply to Blender as well.

Using LOTRJs Stargate file (1.2 million faces), I tested its hit on performance, and 16x is very jerky. 8x is not bad at all. 4x Bilinear may be the sweet spot though - good performance and a much nicer 3D view.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know in case you want to smooth up your 3D view. It’s possible that I wasn’t the only one unaware of this, right? :o

I tried it a while back, but it led to some weird complications like vertices not showing or edges not selecting

Hmm, I haven’t noticed any problems so far. Which graphics card and OS were you using?

I’m on Fedora 7 with a 7900gs.

yeah it’s a neat trick, but I mostly use it to get some nicer screenshots, not during editing cause it does slow everything down a bit.

Found this to be a bit buggy on my WindowsXP box on a 8800GTX.

Text at small sizes might be good with this, but other than that I can’t see a need for it.

I never thought of overriding settings before…
Thanks Dan. (Don’t know if I’ll need it though).
It’s still cool though!

With my ATI card, all this did was make for blurry, unreadable text.