antialiasing in game engine.....

it is possible active it?

hmm, i dont think it is, havent seen anny options about it. mehbe im wrong :wink:

You can’t enable it with the software, but with most modern graphics cards you can force it on the hardware level.

This is something each user needs to manually set though, you can’t enable it in your games.

i have tried to force it in the drivers but unfortunately, it doesn’t work :<

GF4Ti4400 + latest forceware

antialiasing messes up other things in blender, but it doesn’t mess up the game engine

the advanced properties of your graphics card should have the options to force antialiasing [and anistropic filtering]

I have a radeon 9600se…

[personally, I think blender shouldn’t have an option to enable AA, and that you get more benefit when using blender by having a higher resolution than by turning on that [and other] graphic card features]

…or Blender could use something other than OpenGL for the buttons and other stuff…

Ok, thx all, but my 3d card, not support the AA

other than that being a massive pain in the arse to get working on all of the platforms blender runs on

it still doesn’t fix all the problems blender has with AA

for example, some people have complained [and it makes sense why] that with antialiasing on they cannot use z buffered selection [introduced in 2.35] nor can they properly get the color from the screen [by right-clicking in vertex paint mode].