Antialiasing Issue


I’m working on a client’s project and while I usually use Cinema 4D for such scenes, I thought I’d give Blender a try. It’ll be some short of futuristic/mechanic loading screen (still is an early wip). My problem is that I’m getting some weird jagged reflections at places. I’ve tried bringing the AA up to 16x and also tried some of the AA methods (box,tent etc). No matter what I’ve tried it ends up looking either problematic or blurry. Check the image:
What can I do? I’m pretty sure the client will reject this if I present him the image as it is now. I’ve also tried to use glossy reflections but the issue is still there (and the render times are increasing when i set the glossy samples up = not good since it’ll be a 1920x1080 animation). Currently it’s BI, no Cycles or AO (I’ll probably keep it that way).
Any ideas?

it’s possible that this is due to your graphics card. Go into your graphics card’s control panel and turn AA off there. See if that makes a difference.

My G.Card AA is off. Just checked it.