Hi there, I have these nice looking bricks that have a nice looking grainy surface. The problem is that the grain effect is absolutely lost when I render using OSA.

Is there a way to make a material or an object bypass the OSA settings while rendering with OSA turned on??


I am not sure, but I don’t think so. Instead, you can could render much larger images than you want and then manually resize them. In effect you’d have anti-aliasing, but perhaps your material would still show up good.

Change the OSA type to CatRom. You probably have it on Gause which is the default. It’s a little popup directly under the Fields button on the Render tab. Gause is blurry.

Yeah, I agree with RamboBaby, Gauss does blur a lot. Try CatRom or Mitch.

Thanks guys, I was already rendering with CatRom.
Sadly I found out that although the grainy effect looked great in a static image, it really made things flicker when the camera moved, so I think I´ll have to use OSA anyway.

you could use differrent render layers with different osa filters and values and composite them, but the more osa, the less flicker anyway …

Are you sure you can do that?? I mean in just one render session??

I think the OSA setting is common to all the render layers. Maybe you can do that by rendering one layer at a time.

You can with multiple scenes. You can choose which scene a render layer gets pulled from via the little set of arrows on the bottom left corner of any render layer node.

WOW!! I´ll try that one later, Thanks!!