Antics3D movie suite and Blender?

As some already know, I am working on a movie suite system for 3D CG, using Blender as the CG part. A lot of inspiration for the basic functions of the movie suite comes from Antics3D ( It never dawned on me to ask: Has anyone in here worked with or heard of other similar efforts? Or has someone worked with Antics3D and found ways to integrate it with Blender?

It might save me a lot of time if I ask this kind of questions earlier in my work process in the future :o


That Antics app looks pretty cool. Its about time someone put all that video game technology to some constructive use! :wink:

For your project, its good that your looking to build on something someone’s already started… maybe look at combinign with an existing OS project such as Celtx? If you could tie open source blender in some significant/useful way into open source celtx, then you’d have something going, and a significant head start over starting from scratch.

Keep us posted!
EDIT: not certain if Celtx is OSS… ?

iirc, its FOSS, the client that is… :slight_smile:

The free, open source client software is augmented by a set of integrated web services that are delivered by the Celtx server.

IIRC, CeltX is a writing tool for sorting one’s manuscript into scenes, characters etc., right? Something like that is planned, but right now, it’s about getting the core character action work to function properly. I already have about 10 scenes from Siberia Complex done in the current version of the program; no manual animation done, the program coded entire animation scripts from a manuscript written according to certain standards.
It looks terrible, but at least it proves that the basics work.

I am just getting a feeling that I am taking the long road. Up until now, every manuscript action has been programmed individually (‘Look At X’, ‘Ascend X Stairs’, ‘Pick Up Item X’, etc.). I am trying to get the proper inspiration for how to streamline the process. I am considering creating a sub-API for character interaction (I even tested concepts using the Blender Game Engine, but it seems poorly fitted for that kind of use, at least for now). I think I simply need a breath of fresh inspiration of some kind…

Hi guys, I’m an Antics user, I’ve got a blog if anyone would like to drop by.

Also I’ve got some bits and pieces at
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Nice site, I liked Reality Hacker and the car chase :slight_smile: Oh, found this one, too!

My one problem with Antics3D is that it seems as if it is a closed circuit; you can import 3D Max stuff into it, but you cannot export Antics work out for further work in, say, Blender. Did I get that right?

I would love to see work in this direction for Blender!