AntiGravity Ball

My newest game, spent about three days on this, and got a lot of really bad headaches.
Roll the ball down the track collecting points for each square you pass over(or lose points.)
Pretty much read the READMEFIRST file, but pretty much all the keys you need are left, right, and enter keys.
I think this may be the first game posted to incorporate track creation using non-blender libraries, i.e. Tkinter. I with the help of some great people at I made a 6x100 grid of buttons to make your own tracks. There’s more in the READMEFIRST file.
Here are the files.
Blend File(in a zip file):

Here’s a new track to put in the Track Creator folder. I call this one ZigZag. It’s not so much about difficulty than it is about points.
Edit1*Here’s another track called Gaps. This one is a little harder.

So, I’ve already made a change to the game. Now you can’t move while in the air. I should have done that before, but I’m not making a new installer or posting the new .blend until later or a list of opinions and advice come in.

I havent downloaded it, but from what i can tell, you should change a few things,
first, you should set it to full screen, it looks alot nicer!

next, you may want to change controls, perhaps setting the left and right to the mouse keys,
and the enter control to space,

ill test out the game now!

Edit: odd, it wont let me download, can you make a mirror?

That’s strange. It will let me download it not logged in. Oh well, I’m uploading it to another site too. Check in sometime tomorrow(the 26th.) Very tired right now, but those are good suggestions.

Ok, here we go.
I don’t know how well this site works, but It’s worth a try.
The download link is at the bottom of the link’s page. If that makes sense.
The Zip:
The Installer:
The Extra Tracks: (Trust me these are harder with my improvements to gameplay, that will come later)
@Mcrich114 Was there a specific error downloading it from mediafire so I can maybe fix it?

Not really, but its ok, my computer hates me and im probably the only one with this problem :slight_smile:

Lets test it!

Edit: NICE!

   I love it! the gameplay was interesting, and the installer was a nice touch!
   5 stars!

very cool concept and implementation!

Wow I didn’t think that my game would come off so great. Well anyway the next version will be a bit more difficult. At the moment it’s way to easy to get to the end, I’m going to add those mouse and space bar controls as well, and I might do something with the title screen. One more thing; if anybody feels like it, post some tracks that you make on this thread.