Haven’t entered in a long time. Now I remember why. :wink:

Well, my idea was the much hypothesized “powers of the ancients” who some believe used advanced technology (including levitation) to build the Pyramids and similar things. Mine is centered on Stonehenge’s “real” meaning.

I have 3 versions on the page. Next to each one is a description of the problems with them, as I see it. The first one took 3 hours to render. The second took 12 hours. All I did was move the lights!! With such long render times, I’ve had no room to fix it.

Sixmonkeys isn’t working for me, so I have to resort to this really old, really crappy, really useless site that doesn’t allow remote linking, so apologies.

here’s a suggestion, try compositing your first and second render in gimp, photoshop or the sequence editor. You may find a happy medium.

Pretty good, the First is better IMO.

Since SixMonkys has been out of whack, I think ImageShack is the best alternative:

Silkdigit, I thought about compositing but a) I’m not good at it and b) it wouldn’t be pure.

O, I was in a hurry, but thanks for the tip on ImageShack. (Are you stalking me? :Z Just kidding, it’s nice to find support. Plus I wanted to use the zorro emoticon.)

Anyone know what causes the background stuff to show throw the rocks on the left? The meshes were very far apart and there was no intersecting. It seems to be some kind of glitch.