Antique camera *updated*

It’s a folding camera from about 90 years ago. No particular brand or model, but it looks like about a 4 x 4 format. Still needs some parts.
Also it has some artifacts on the lenseboard. I think the mesh is too dense there. Any crits welcome.

Nice image, but isn’t the fold in the camera suppose to be more clothish? I think you should take down the shine of it a little bit and maybe cut down on the bumpyness of the palstic texture for the frame of the camera, IMO. Maybe add a little more complexity and detail to the shape and frame, but thats about it. Good job.

It’s sort of an early imitation leather actually. It was often used for the bellows on cameras like this. The texture does need work though.

I’ll turn down the shinyness. More detail will be added to the case soon.

Thanks Ataryu

I’m quite familiar with the camera you speak of, having owned one until fairly recently. So be warned, the viewer might own one too! He’s going to instantly notice the small details. Not only the need for lettering around the lens opening but what it should say.

The appearance of the bellows surface is right. The appearance of the box-texture (on the side pane which faces the lamp) is correct; the front surface is soft. The rail assembly beneath the camera is a bit shiny. However, you have paid very close attention to both sections of the rail and it looks good. Proportions feel just right.

Sweet! I love that you said that. You just made my day! :slight_smile: If you had THIS camera, then you should have kept it cause it was one of a kind indeed! Actually because It’s based on several real cameras I have here, It does look typical for this type of camera, but I promise it’s not a spacific make or model.

Thanks. I just eye-balled my references so nothing’s to scale. I turned down the shinyness as you both suggested. Thanks guys. Fixed the lenseboard artifacts too.

It’s a really nice image and the modeling is great… but it needs a better background. At least put it on a wood table or somthing. (Yes I realize this is really a useless post)

Update at top.

Added the textures and many small parts.