Antique car

Hello everyone, this is my first car. I always wanted to make one, and now I did. It is not completely perfect, but I think it is good for the first try … Hope you enjoy …

its kinda hard to tell as the image is really blury…but judging by the reflections i can see, it looks like you have a quite a few dents and bumps…would it be possible to render a version without the fog or whatever it is and also show a wireframe? For a first attempt it looks pretty good tho :slight_smile:

Here is the picture without the “fog”.

And the wireframe :smiley:

Shader looks very nice, but is the back supposed to be like that?

I have customized it a bit … I thought about putting a spoiler on it, but would be too outdated for an antique car.

You can’t tell anything really from that wireframe. What peter18 probably meant was to post a shaded wireframe.

Like this for example.

yep thats exactly what i mean, with sub surf off and preferably in edit mode :slight_smile: