Antique chest of drawers

Mahagony antique chest of drawers, dated George III time period around 1770.
All aspects done in Blender.

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and here are some more images:

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do you have more furniture like this? for a little scene? :wink:

this is awesome! good work.

Hi animelix, thanks for the nice comment.
I’m currently working on more furniture like this. As soon as the next piece is done, i will post it here.
All furnitures will be for sale. This one will be uploaded at blendermarket until next week, but it is also available at my cgtrader portfolio

Of course, if you have special wishes or suggestions for uppcoming furnitures, just post some reference images here of leave me a PM, and i will check if i can do the model for you.

Thanks Joni!

Brilliant. Excellent materials. Lit very nice. Great work.

Everything looks great. Only comment I have, and this is something I learned last year… I believe the texture is wrong on the feet. Instead of going horizontal, I believe it should go vertical. The reason for this is that with the grain being horizontal, it wouldn’t hold the stress of the weight… It would snap. But if the grain is vertical, it reinforces the wood and would handle the stress. This is something I learned from a woodworker last year when I was working on a scene with a lot of wood in it. So poles, bars, whatever… the grain goes on the length for reinforcement so it won’t snap.

(Hmm… Right after posting this, I tried to do a search, and I’m seeing some both ways, so maybe it’s not as wrong as I thought… but something to keep in mind when doing stuff in wood!)

hi Grady,
thank you for that tip anyway. I agree with you that if you are striving for realism, real life manufacturing techniques and physical effects need to be taken in to account. I’ll keep an eye on that next time :wink:

thanks !

Just for those who are interested in, the model of the ches of dawers is now available at blendermarket.

Thanks for wachting!