Antique Gillette Razor set



Nicely done!

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Itchinghly realistic :laughing:

I’ve never learned to enjoy using a razor, and probably never will, because I’m 52, but I remember that it has been an itching job every time I have used one.

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Thanks! I recently got into this type of shave because electric razors make me itch and at 41, I wanted to try something different. :laughing: I don’t use this one but I have a Gillette Slim Adjustable(1964) that I love.

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

Hey, thanks so much Bart! Stay safe🥃

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Nice! I love the rustic feeling about it.

Crikey! I love how you’ve really given this character through your materials, particularly the wear and dirt that imply an eventful life and invite the viewer to create their own story for these items. Just amazing attention and care for detail. Thanks for sharing, I’ve bookmarked this for future inspiration. Was there any aspect of creating this that you found particularly challenging, enlightening, or rewarding?

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Is this the US Army issue safety razor? I remember seeing this or one similar in old forgotten memorabilia of my Dad’s. Looks just like a photo! Well done.

This is amazing ! :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much! It was more fun than challenging. What has been enlightening is listening to Ian Hubert. From his world building talk last year to his one min tutorials and uploads to Patreon. Huge shout out to him, I’m a fan.

This is 100% about the textures. I took photos of the actual box and it’s items from every angle necessary. I took the images with my iphone and then edited them all together in photoshop. No studio lighting was used either. If something looked off, I just tweaked it in photoshop.

Pretty low poly models, the box is just a box with a bevel. I took a little more time on the razor of course but tried to keep them as simple as possible. Then I just lined up the faces to the images I took. The shaders are not complex either. I try to make it realistic without making complex materials.

To luvmuzik - I don’t think this is a US Army issue but I’m not sure.

Thanks again for all the love!


Wow! I can’t believe the simplicity of that, I would have sworn there were much more complex materials in play. Freaking hilarious! Great work on those textures, and for using your smarts to totally fake it. I get the Hubert vibe now! I’m also a big fan of his, and aspire to shortest path to creation, even if I fall short more often than not. Hey, thanks for taking the time to share that, best laugh today.

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Double edge, open comb, and wonderful still render!

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Super nice scene. But somthing is wrong in the DOF. how come the box is sharp, completely, but that wooden flow is blurry. That first image looks a bit weird, the complete box is in focus, yet the wood is out of focus. Perhaps its me, but something feels off. The longer i look, the more smalle errors i see like UV issues and very sharp corner and angles. Still its a very lovely scene. Wonder how you got it textured almost the smale. I guess you some how got the orginal texture from ref shots, at least thats how i think you did it :slight_smile:

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You are correct, the wood is blurry. It’s the resolution. There are definitely areas that could use attention, haha. But yeah, just a fun thing. I do own the actual piece so I was able to get very good ref shots. It’s made me want to find similar pieces at antique shops. Thanks so much!