Antique glass material

hi, can anybody help me to create a material for antique glass like this?:

the tricky part for me are the inner bubbles, that part is for what i am praying for your help.

thanks in advance

for the bubbles you could try using a particules system with a group of random size objects

is this in cycles ?

happy bl

yes, it is for cycles. i will like only shader tricks , in order to avoid very large data for simple objects.i must to render a few thin walled objects but in fancy shapes, so i must avoid over complicated geometry.


Follow this tutorial - and adapt the technique according to your needs

AHHHH A glass ball! Whe I lived in Japan we use to take diving trips to some of the outer islands and after diving, we would walk the beach (more like shore line then beach as they were all coral islands). But we would find these. They are glass floats for fishing nets. They estimate there are 10s of thousands floating around the ocean. I have about 10 of them the smallest is pictured, the largest is aboiut 24" in diameter.

thanks for the replies, i thought in volumetric shaders, but if particles can do the job i will give it a try

Andrew Price also released another tutorial involving bubbles, and the bubbles are done within the shader. You could try to adapt this by maybe using the value as your fresnel value in your glass shader, or using it as a bump map. I don’t know, the possibilities are endless. :wink: