antique iron

I wanted to make some old object into 3d one and first i found was an old iron. The image´s iron is very close to shape of original but lacks rust and i quess it should look all wear and tear or nice brand new.
What should i do with it?
edit-> forgot to mention its rendered with indigo

The link seems to be broken.

nice! nice materials, it does like brand new indeed. THe texture of the wood looks stretched tho, u might wanna try fixing that. And i would really like to see a worn version:)

@henrymop I have no idea what was messed up with the link

Thanks Yoeri, i gave a try at making a worn version, this time rendered with blender internal renderer.

yafrayrendered version with different environment
crits and comments welcome.

I have been trying to find some subject of which make image of but no luck in finding an interesting one so now testing these renderers.