Antistar: iPod Game in Blender

Already praised by players for its unique atmosphere and visuals, Antistar 3D: Rising is a 3D adventure game / platformer created using Blender (modeling/color/animation); available on iPad, iPhone4, iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch.

This project is exciting and interesting, because it proves that just one person, working as an artist and a programmer at the same time, can create a core game if using the right tools(!) and scaling their project within reason. Hope you find this as refreshing as I do, thinking this is supposed to be a ‘million dollars industry’ :confused:.

app store link:

The writing of the game engine generated a large overhead, but this is a little optional - Blender has a game engine, and there are a few good products that can be used to create iPhone games with Blender already.

I posted making of pics and details on our blog. There is also sample code showing how to export from Blender to an OpenGL ES app (somewhere around the blog, maybe search ‘blender export’).

Impressions welcome!

Tea for Anime3D SFX

Looks cool. Congrats. Im curious about the anime girl.

Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment! Hope it sells well for you.