Ants in Love

Hi Folks,
after almost 2 years of abstinence from blenderartists i’m back with a current work in progress.
It’s a little scene about 2 comic-style ants in a somewhat romantic scene.
For this wip i remodelled the ant completely from scratch. we were using this ant for over 2 years for a commercial childrens project. now it was time to give the little fellow a little “facelift” :smiley:

There are still many things to be done. Some changes in the scene lighting, work on the shapekeys of the ant has to be done and a couple of textures have to be painted. but the pictures below should already give you an idea on what the final scene will look like.

Greets Linny

An Ant is an insect. The most basic definition of an insect is a 6 legged creature. A 4 legged ant doesn’t compute. Also, they look to be sveral hundred times the size of a normal ant, judging by the scale of nearby objects in your scene.

Other than that, they look great. I like the final render too.

Thanks for your comment. of course you are right. but i don’t think that cartoon character always have to be anatomically correct :slight_smile:
our ant evolved over time. in the beginning it looked a lot more like a traditional ant.

this is the first version we used:

after a while we changed the style slightly to give it a younger look.

The current version i am working on takes into account that the product the ant is used for is targeted at another age group than before.