Ants (updated)

(Idgas) #1

Here is a WIP i am thinking about putting into the contest. It’s far from complete. Tell me what you think.

Dead link sorry
see my last post

(ulrik) #2

modelling is very good, the proportions are also very good.

Do you plan to add textures? I suggest you do, or at least - if you want it to be a very polished, technical model - add some environment mapping.

At the moment, the textured belt-thing on the back looks a bit out of place compared to the rest, IMHO, but overall I really like it!!!

(bob_dog) #3

Perhaps some little pads/feet on the ends of his legs?

(Idgas) #4

Thanks guys im still working on the textures, there are small black pads at the end of each leg but they are hard to see.

P.S. What does IMHO mean

(pofo) #5

Looks good.
Needs mandibles.
Maybe add some tubing with some vicious green liquid on the back part.

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion (or maybe “Is M an Hermitian Operator” ;))

  1. pofo

(blengine) #6

thats looking good… is his ass going to be draggin on the ground though :wink: it looks kinda low… its looking very cool,

the shadow isnt connected :o change the clip sta in the light window higher…and the samples higher too for a smoother shadow =)
hes gonna look great when u texture him

(Idgas) #7

Here he is different now.

Only half of his legs are on. Haven’t go to the other half yet

(saluk) #8

Very nice.

(blengine) #9

very nice! i like the lighting, legs look a bit too non mechanical, id add some hoses or some extra gears =)
oih that antenna hookup is great! and i love where the legs connect to the body :wink:

(Idgas) #10

Well here is my ant. Not sure if you can call it that anymore. Do you think i went a little over kill. Let me know what you think.

(S68) #11

:o Very nice… you begin to be an awesome opponent in the contest.

I love those coils