I`m working on this ant. Its suposed to be fairly realistic.
Greatfull for any c&c.
I thought that i would do the texturing next and then rig the model.
Im not particulary god at texturing and completely lost on rigging, any tips is appreciated!

It’s nice, I like it. If you post a picture with topology/geometry of the model I can give you some advices about texturing. But I know only the basic rules, so I think you know same things as me. :wink:

Looking good, as for rigging, it will depend a bit on the modeling. If you get too detailed might be hardcore job! Good luck with it!

Tx for feedback.
@RocketKing: I tried to make some kind of wirerender. Turned of the medifiers and on Wire in the material. Is this what you ment?

Animate them and make them eat eachother…I want to see some ant gore. xD

nice job man