Anubis is back!

I’m re-meshing Anubis for a better deformation :spin: Here is the finish product:eyebrowlift:.


you mean Anubis?

Thanks,I’m too tire to type .

I’m noticing some big anatomy issues in the torso area. I’ve included screenshot of a subsurfed model of my own that may be of use for reference.


Anubis is alien or a species that have different anatomy then humans,that’s what make it interesting.Is ok to have it similar to human.Thanks good critic.

if your going to reference, photos/reality should be your first stop. with alien-like anatomy you still have to have in mind muscle geometry and how they would work. in this case it looks as though the chest area is a smooth shell-like bone under the surface of the skin. crustacians could serve as inspiration?

@Krisnack: I know you mean well with your critique but your model has issues also.

Yeah, I see them. I was mostly focusing on showing the bone and muscle details.,I’m too tire to type .

Yes,You are refereeing to ribs I will work on it…thanks