Anubis Mecha

(Gomba_3333) #1

A new mecha of mine, it still needs texxing. Any one up to tex it?

Blend file:

(phrog) #2

That looks good, I might give a go at texturing it, but ask others as well

(Da Bourz) #3

I’ll try and do some texturing tests tonight and tomorrow …

(paradox) #4

nice mech. Like the design.


(S68) #5

Nice start, it is for the contest, is it :wink: ?


(Gomba_3333) #6

The living mechanics one?

If I can ever get it fixed up and texxed or something, maybe. Goes off to buy blender texture CD in search of some better effect materials

(SGT Squeaks) #7

I like it!!! That is one sweet mech! :smiley: