Anudda Newbie Post

I’ve been working with Blender for about a week now. This is the second thing I’ve made that I’m fairly pleased with.

It ain’t much compared to what you guys seems to do on a daily basis, but I gotta start somewhere!

I used TorQ’s tutorial
for the face. Plus about four hours of trying to get the nose to look decent.

I made the eyes according to this tutorial:

And I got the hair from here:

Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are welcome!


well done that is very good for a noob that nose is awsome

have you worked with other 3d applications before? because if you ahvent then i wouldn’t believe thaf for a second. anyways, nice model. the nose is always the hard part for me, and you did it great.

Only one week of Blender and that… incredibly great! :smiley: :o

I don’t have much crits for the modeling, you’re already good at it (maybe a wire view would help if you want crits on that)

Just a few suggestions:
For the rendering, I don’t know if it’s jpeg compression or not, but it looks like there’s no anti-aliasing (check the OSA button on the Scene panel (F10)). It also looks like the mesh isn’t smoothed (but on that one I think it’s jpeg that gives that impression - ah, only 12kB image, ok :wink: ).
The hair is a bit strange, maybe you missed the “alpha” part on the tut (or that your alpha map need improvements), that would make your hair look better. (the 8th post of this thread shows an alpha map that gives good result).

I hope that helps :slight_smile:
And keep the good work

VERY nice. I also want to know how long you’ve been at this! :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I wasn’t as finished with this as I thought. But now I am, for sure! Honest!

What’s changed: I worked on the hair a lot, obviously. Particularly on the alpha channel. I made some “real” eyebrows, and some ears. Ears are certainly a pain! I also turned over-sampling on, as suggested. And changed the camera to an 85mm lens.

For those who asked how long I’ve been at this, I just looked at my logs, and I installed Blender on May 2, 2005. I have bits of 3D experience here and there, dating back to the '80s, mostly getting frustrated with the limitations ("Oh, look, I can make the plastic GREEN! :-? )

I have a lot of experience with other graphics, as a photographer, Photoshopper, and programmer. This is the first time I’ve touched any 3D in ten years. I spent a month or so getting familiar with OpenGL programming for Mac and Unix, and I’ve spent the past three weeks looking at it from the standpoint of modeling.


That is looking very nice, especially for less than a month of Blender. The hair and eyebrows look very good with the new tweaks. Are the eyebrows just textured on the face or are they modeled seperatly with an alpha map?

The only modeling areas that I think need some work would be the area around the eyes (something I am having trouble with at the moment myself) and the lips. I agree in the area of the ears, I hate modeling ears, for some reason they usually take me as long to do as the rest of the head, if helps there are some good tutorials at 3D Spline.

Are the eyebrows just textured on the face or are they modeled seperatly with an alpha map?

They’re actually UV mapped onto the surface of a strip of three planes. I used an alpha map and a bump map (made in Photoshop from an actual eyebrow image).

The only thing I can say in favor of this approach is that it worked.


Wow, much better!

I think the ear are a bit “low” on the face (in general the bottom of the ear is at the same level as the nose, and the top of the ear as the same level as the eyebrows or the eyes).
And yes, ears are a pain to make (that’s why the 1st time I managed to make a nice ear, I kept the file, and now I stick that same ear on every head I make, hehe :smiley: )

I must say that I’m really impressed by how fast you managed to make a nice 3D head, after so few experience with 3D modeling. If you keep on learning at that pace, you’ll be the most skilled of us in 3 months :wink: